Brooklyn Interior Design

Brooklyn interior design offers sophisticated and urbane designs of interiors that are as elegant as the city itself. As a full-service firm, we custom design each project in consultation with the client. Creating interior designs that are unique to each client’s taste and personal vision, our array of services work closely in complementing design aesthetics. From the initial stages of development, including sheetrock and carpentry, to the decorative elements of lighting, molding, plastering and painting, we meet every design need while fulfilling your dream home decor. Among the services we specialize in are techniques for embellishing walls. Whether it is the more subtle glow of color glazing or the Old World charm of Venetian plaster, our team of experts can effect a striking transformation of your home’s interior. Here is a sample of what we offer:

Color Glazing

Natural beauty of any color is greatly enhanced when utilizing color glazing interior painting technique to create stunning effects, by providing texture and depth to painted walls. There are lots of interesting ways to add color to your walls and color glazing is a popular technique that is used by our professionals. A sheer layer of color, color glazing can add depth to a similar shade of wall color beneath it or tone down a complementary color. Combining the right tools with artistry, we create the desired effect perfectly.

Custom Wall Layouts

BrooklynInteriorDesign.Com is a full-service establishment that takes care of a home’s design from start to finish. Organize your space with a custom wall layout that is specifically designed to help you display and access items. “Custom” is a key word with all interior design. Our company does everything from sheet rocking to adding the final touches that will transform your surroundings.  Space being at a premium in New York City, we design chic custom layouts for walls, enabling clients to display treasured items to their best advantage or to store them discreetly.

Faux Painting

When utilizing faux painting we consider the physical elements, such as lighting, flooring and scale and your vision as well.  This is why our work is customized in order to compliment, and/or transform your environment.

We  believe that faux painting is an art and it can add beauty and interest to your decor. Faux finishes add depth, texture and interest to otherwise bland wall finishes and we provide extensive knowledge on how to create the desired effects with painting surfaces, including walls, furniture, floors, counter tops and trim.

Weathered leather, veined marble, aged parchment — epitomizing the finest in trompe l’oeil design, our faux painting on walls, floors, furniture and any other surface renders realistic representations beautifully.

Textured Color Plaster

Plaster finishes on your walls or ceilings can add a rich dimension to your home.  There are many types of plaster available that offer a wide range of textures.

Venetian plaster can be elegant and striking. A beautiful, three-dimensional marbled effect, it is an excellent design choice for kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms. We can provide consulting about how establish this gorgeous look in your home. With all the craftsmanship and beauty of Old World masters, our design team uses textured color plaster in a variety of textures to add dimension to walls. Our Venetian plaster technique, for instance, provides a marbled effect in three dimensions, making a particularly stunning presentation in bathrooms and kitchens.

Knockdown Texture

A beautiful means for subtly disguising repairs or flaws in the wall or ceiling, our knockdown texture technique is a stellar enhancement, whether applied to new drywall or old plaster. Knockdown texture, as a mottled drywall finish that can be used to add a mild intensity to the wall textures and/or just cover up imperfections.

Our distinctive interior design service offers the finest designs to make your home an extraordinary representation.

Transform your living space with a design tailored to your requirements. Brooklyn interior design specializes in utilizing lighting, custom carpentry, drywall installation and wall layouts, as well as decorative painting effects, to make your environment an inviting and comfortable place in which you can live in and relax. We work with varying budgets to help bring about the best possible outcome for your project. At Brooklyn interior design, we believe in listening to our clients and taking into account their desires. Brooklyn Interior Design provides the expert advice and implementation of creative solutions for your interior space. We develop lighting plans to highlight special features in your home or to create a feeling of ambiance. We create the ideal feel of a space through custom wall placement or unique use of colors and textures. Brooklyn Interior Design is committed to providing top-notch residential and commercial decorating services to all of our clients. Contact us for a consultation to see how we can make your design and decorating dreams come true. From the design stage to project completion, the friendly, skilled staff at Brooklyn Interior Design will help you turn any space into an exceptional living space that reflects your lifestyle.