Brownstone Restoration

Brooklyn Brownstone Restoration

Brooklyn is filled with majestic, historical homes, brownstones, and commercial structures with enormous amounts of intricate details and architectural features. The remodeling and refurbishing of these types of properties requires a high level of expertise and artistic skill that will honor the true craftsmanship and impressive creativity that was originally required to achieve such inspiring interior and exterior designs. Brooklyn Painters has over 20 years of experience in providing the best quality services and the careful attention to detail that are required to transform these uniquely classical properties into modern works of art.

We do much more than simple interior and exterior painting of walls and woodwork. Our team of expert contractors will provide painstaking efforts to completely and expertly detail your home interiors, even around those very tiny details included in massive, winding staircases with ornate and decorative spindles, in the soaring, high ceilings with beautifully carved wooden beams, and around those 200 year old windows often housing expansive stained or curved glass.

Brooklyn Interior Design team is knowledgeable when it comes to the processes of removing layers upon layers of perhaps centuries-old wallpaper, restoring your home back to its original splendor. We can also remove overlapping coatings of old paint and varnish to uncover the original woodwork and flooring that has remained hidden from view for perhaps decades. We have a true love for historical architecture and take great pride in providing the best care and protection to expose the beautiful hidden treasures that these types of brilliantly designed homes and businesses provide.

For everything from Interior Painting, Plastering and Skim Coating, Faux Painting, and Wall Paper Removal, we have the expertise and experience to return these properties back to their original architectural magnificence. At Brooklyn Interior Design we are proud to work with commercial enterprises, providing Interior and Exterior Painting, Spray Painting, and even Pressure Washing services to enhance the curb appeal of your professional establishment with minimal disruption to your daily business activities. For historical renovation projects in Brooklyn, Brooklyn Painters is the company you can trust.
We can install accent and task lighting that set the mood or highlight distinctive features within a room.

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