Customizing interior design with BrooklynInteriorDesign.Com

Furthered by years years of testing, innovating, creating and designing, we learned a thing or two about what’s important to our customers…design, appeal, color, performance practicality and above all, a commitment to quality. At Brooklyn interior design we approach customized interior designs with personable, original and expressive ideas that deliver desired results.

Lighting ideas and effects

We can install accent and task lighting that set the mood or highlight distinctive features within a room. Lighting is one of the simplest and most affordable ways to transform any room into comfortable, functional and attractive living spaces. When lighting a multipurpose room, layering light allows you to effectively perform various functions within the space and always brings about the most noticeable transformation. You can depend on our interior design team to provide you with their expertise in custom setting ideas with lighting fixtures to bring out the desired effects in any room.


Brooklyn Interior Design offers decorative and practical painting services that will transform your surroundings. With careful planning of color choices and sheens we will create the desired effects of expressions that will inspire you. Painting your home can completely redefine the way it looks and even the way feels.

Decorative Moldings

Decorative moldings are a traditional design element of home decor. Their use can be implemented in the decor of living room, dinging room, kitchen, bathroom or bedroom spaces adding a defined finishing touch. Our Brooklyn interior design consultant can provide help and guide with selecting the decorative moldings best suited for your space. Decorative moldings can be used from floor to ceiling, and the end results can be as sumptuous as one can imagine. Starting at the floor, baseboard molding, visually connects the floor to the wall and hides the seam between the two. This type of decorative molding will create separate sections on the wall. Further up the wall, chair rail molding. It is usually 3 feet off the ground, but can be as high as five feet. The functional purpose of a chair rail is to protect the walls from chairs being pushed up against them. This type of decorative molding adds character and formality to a plain wall. At the top of the wall is crown molding, which gets the most attention in a space. This type of decorative molding adds architectural appeal. Dental moldings can add a crowning glory to any room. Decorative moldings are both functional and beautiful. When used in the proper scale and style of home, wood moldings add structure and generally immediately increase the perceived value of a space.

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